Connecting People Through Photography

Since 2008

Connecting People Through Photography

Since 2008

About Us

As our name implies, PhotoBoothless was one of the first open-air style “boothless” photo booths on the scene back in 2008.  Created by professional photographer Bryant Sentosa, the original PhotoBoothless unit started out as a fun optional item to compliment his existing event photography business, but soon became so popular and successful that it became the main product and service in less than a year.  Thus, PhotoBoothless was born!  

Today, PhotoBoothless is a total photography solution provider offering the best in customized digital photography solutions for corporate marketing, trade shows and private events. We combine extensive expertise in photography and technology to bring you the most exciting and innovative solutions for photo booth rentals, live studio setup, green screen, hashtag printing, and custom photo stations.  We are based in Los Angeles and available nationwide.  

Studio On-Site

When you want everyone to look their best, nothing beats a real photography studio.  Our Studio On-Site brings the photography studio to your event!  

Guests can pose in front of a large pre-made set, a car, a plane, or any natural background or surroundings you would like to capture. Using our professional studio photography equipment and years of photography experience, your guests can be posed in front of any environment to create a stylized, fun, interactive, or formal event experience and take-away.

Sample of an Animated Gif.

Animated GIFs

Our Animated GIF booth adds a whole new dimension to the photo booth experience!  By taking a series of photos and looping them together, we create a fun moving photo that can be dubbed with music or sound effects and is fully shareable. 


Hashtag Printer

The simplest and most compact of all our solutions, the Hashtag Printing Station allows event guests to take their own photos using Instagram and have the photo print out at the Hashtag Printing Station. How does it know to print out the photo at the event? By hashtag, of course! 

The Hashtag Printing Station is easy to setup, requires less space, more flexible, gives guests more options and possibilities for taking photos (including ability to take selfies!), and easier to share since the photo is already on Instagram. For event hosts and marketers, it’s an easy cost-effective photo op and great way to build your Instagram presence.

Green Screen

Green Screen is a technology that removes the background (usually a solid green backdrop) and replaces it with anything you can imagine and create a composite digital image.  Unlike many green screen companies,  our software doesn’t just take out the background and place your guest against a stagnant digital background. Our software gives us full control over the photos and how you interact with all the elements within that photo. We can incorporate virtual props and modify the look of each individual photo. Each photo can truly be unique as the guest that is photographed in it. 


Photo Booth

Our photobooths are one of the original “boothless” models that started the current open-air style trend. They are sleek, stylish, small in size, and custom-brandable. The open-air style allows for any backdrop options including custom backdrops, step and repeats, cute sets, or just natural event surroundings and up to 20 subjects in one photo! Photobooth rentals are available in standard color, black/white, animated GIF, green screen (up to 5 backgrounds), and with Social Media KIosk.


All photos can be branded with your customized logo, message, or graphic and printed or shared via our Social Media Kiosk to FaceBook, Twitter, Instragram and Email.  There are infinite ways you can brand your photo to make a lasting impression for your event and brand.  Take a look at some samples below for inspiration.


Social Media Kiosk

Our social media kiosk allows the guest of your event to share their photo instantly from the event. Your guest no longer has to wait till they get home, have to log into a special website or have to enter special event code to get their photo. They can do it all from the event. Once they have left the excitement of the event, the likelihood of them downloading and sharing the images diminishes.

Our social media kiosk not only delivers the digital content to the social media channel such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS, but we can also collect information for your use at a later time. It can collect emails for lead generation or ask survey questions so that you can better understand your customer. These feature are invaluable when hosting trade shows, exhibits and conventions.

The social media kiosk can be used with any of our photography stations.

Custom Backgrounds

As an added service, we can create custom banners and backgrounds for your event. Free delivery and setup for PhotoBoothless clients.  

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