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8 New Ideas for Entertaining in Los Angeles by Bizbash

We’re super excited to be featured in “8 New Ideas for Entertaining in Los Angeles” by Bizbash in February 2018.  It’s actually the second time one of our solutions has been featured in this awesome event industry publication. The first time was in 2012 when we developed and released Instaboothless, one of the first hashtag printer solutions on the market.

This year’s list features our Cinemagraph product, a new solution we recently released for events and marketing.  A cinemagraph combines photography and video to create a “living photo,” a still photo with a single moving element.  Cinemagraphs are fun and creative for private parties or marketing events and will surely create the “wow” factor that event hosts are looking for!

While still relatively a new concept for events and marketing, cinemagraphs embrace the latest trends in online marketing and audience capture.  Take a look at this article from Forbes titled “Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing”  Video has now become the future of content marketing and will capture the attention of your viewers while still entertaining. The Cinemgraph is a video that can drive traffic to your site and/or brand.

While Photoboothless has specialized in traditional photo solutions for many years, we also recognize the changing and increasingly competitive environment on the Internet today.  Thus, we have begun to embrace the importance of video with our recent new line of video-based solutions that includes our Gif Booth, Bullet Time Photo Booth, and Cinemagraph solutions.




A cinemagraph is a “living photo” consisting of a still photo (still subject) with a single moving element. The best type of cinemagraph will include an element of movement that is repeatable.  The movement will continue without stopping while the subject will be frozen in time. The finished cinemagraph is actually a video file that is deliverable and shareable.


The Cinemagraph process is unlike any other photography service.  It’s not as simple as a click of a button and waiting for a countdown and a flash. The process to create a cinemagraph is creative as well as technical  It’s an interactive experience created by the subject, the photographer, and the digital artist.  At an event, the photographer will work with the guest on how and where to pose. He will then countdown and signal the guest to “freeze” their movement. Once the footage has been approved and taken by the photographer, the file is transferred to our digital artist where he/she will edit the files and create the cinemagraph. The finished file is a video file that will then be sent to a social media sharing station for each guest to view and share.



When designing a cinemagraph, the goal is to create a frozen moment by finding or creating a moving element that can be endlessly looped and that is separate from your subject. Some examples can be a spinning globe, swaying leaves, or flickering candles. We’ll work with you on your vision for the event.


Although the cinemagraph process is not instant because our live digital artist(s) must personally edit every video session to create each unique final product, each session only takes up to a minute to process.  All cinemagraph files can be viewed and shared onsite shortly after each session.  For larger size events, multiple digital artists can be added based on the size and budget of your event.

For more details about our Cinemagraph solutions, please visit our Cinemagraph service page

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