We specialize in high-tech photo experience solutions that engage your audience and promote your brand awareness through experience, sharing, and interaction.

Also, our photos are really fun!

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Always Evolving

At our core, we are a technology company and constantly evolving the technology. We have a few standard services we provide, but we are always experimenting and always have some something in prototype or testing phase. It keeps us sharp.


Content Creators

We love creating…  the crazier, the better. Creating has always been the lifeblood of PhotoBoothless. Whether it’s in the form of photography, video, or technology, our job is to create content for your guest and audience to enjoy and share.


We’ve been around since 2006, and in the event industry since 2001. We dare say we are one of the longest-running photo companies in LA. Most of our clients are long-term repeat clients because they know and trust in what we do from logistics to execution.


After several years working in corporate IT and event photography, we saw the pain and anguish of photo booth vendors transporting full-sized enclosed photo booths to weddings.  This issue sparked our creative juices, and in 2006, we invented our first open-air style “BOOTHLESS” photo booth that was revolutionary not only for its ease of use and functionality, but also for its endless possibilities to capture groups, scenery, backgrounds, and attract crowds at events.  PHOTOBOOTHLESS was born!

The original PhotoBoothless attracted the attention of marketing agencies because they were now able to create unique photo booth experiences at events and print photos on-site with their branding message. Entrusting us with our technical skills, we’ve been asked over time to find different solutions for their different projects. Some have made their way into our standard set of services. Some are only reserved for very special request. If you would like to know more about PhotoBoothless, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see and learn more about our latest projects and events.

Maybe one of them might be an inspiration for your next event!  


WE'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Let us know how we can make your next photo experience awesome!  If possible, please include Date(s) of Event, Location, Service Type, Hours.  We know you're still planning and details may change.  If you are unsure, we are happy to discuss services, logistics, and other details to help you decide on the perfect solution for your event!


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