roaming photographer

What is a Roaming Photographer?

A challenge we often face with a traditional photo booth or photo op station is that guests must come to or stand in line for the photo op. In a large environment like a conventions, tradeshows, or festivals, this may not always be an easy feat.This is where the concept of the roaming photographer was born.

The roaming photographer will able to move about the event without any restrictions, proactively offer to take photos of the guests, and provide full-service assistance for guests to print and share branded photos just like a photo booth.

Here’s how:

Utilizing an Internet-connected iPad and our software, the photographer will roam the event and seek out photo opportunities. It could be a couple at a wedding, a child with their favorite costumed superhero, or a unique photo opportunity designed by you.

The photographer will capture the photo opportunity and be able to send the photo to a printer in a designated area. Just like a regular photo booth or photo op station, the photo will be customized with your logo or custom graphics.

While the photo is being printed, the roaming photographer will hand the iPad to the guest and give them an opportunity to upload their photo to Facebook, Twitter, Email or Instagram. Each social media platform will be prepopulated with your verbiage. When the user posts the photo, your branded image and verbiage will also be posted.