Trade show marketing is a necessary and significant investment for many types of businesses.  A successful trade show marketing campaign often requires a lot of money, time, and planning.  The objective of every trade show marketer is to get show attendees to visit their booth and make a positive lasting impression on every visitor.  That’s not an easy task considering most shows have tens to hundreds of exhibitors all competing for that lasting impression!  For this reason, many trade show marketers try to attract attendees with free giveaway offers and fun experiences inside their area.

Over the past few years, photo booths and photo experiences have become very popular at trade shows.  They are perfect for creating a fun and memorable trade show booth visit!  These days, many photo stations are going way above and beyond the basic photo booth you see at weddings or parties.  Elaborate photo experience stations may feature custom sets and backgrounds, green screen technology, slow-motion and animated videos, and bullet-time (stop-motion) photography. 

With creativity and professional photography direction, custom photography solutions are attractive crowd pleasers that can not only bring attendees to your trade show booth, they provide a memorable lasting impression when designed with branding elements, social media sharing capabilities, and free souvenir photos for guests to take home.  

Key Benefits of Having a Trade Show Photo Booth or Photo Experience:

Trade Show Attraction and Instant Giveaway
Photo booths and photo experiences offering free photos can attract a long line of visitors which is always great at a trade show.  When featured with large signage, eye-catching backgrounds, lights, and preview screens, trade show visitors will be drawn to your area.  After enjoying the photo experience, guests can take home instant prints to remember your brand and event!  

Social Media Exposure
In addition to free souvenir printed photos, guests can email photo to themselves and instantly share on social media to online friends.  This is great for your brand’s social media marketing and presence.  

Visitor Data Collection
Each time a guest uses the Social Media Station to share photos, their name and email will be captured and useable for future marketing and analysis.  

Custom Branding
All elements of your trade show photo booth can be customized for branding and marketing…  signs, backdrops, props, photo prints, social media station, and emails.  

To find out how you can successfully implement a photo booth or photo experience solution into your trade show marketing strategy, contact PhotoBoothless today at or (626) 315-6893.